Some of the roofing companies in Louisville like to have their sales guys go knock on doors and ask for business. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but in today’s market you need to be careful about who you let on your roof. To have an individual say “you have roof damage and they can see it from the ground” …buyer beware! There are some local roofers that prey on particular homes with certain types of roof shingles, roof shingle colors, and shingles that are no longer made. So, when your paper box is littered with flyers telling you “we can get you a free roof” and roofing companies are knocking at your door, buyer beware.

This is what I tell people, if you can see shingles sticking up or shingles missing, then it might be time to have your roof inspected. If the roof is old, have the roof checked once a year to make sure that its aging properly. Any qualified roofing companies should be able to produce a report with pictures and educate the customer on the condition and if you need repairs. Make sure you go through the proper channels when selecting roofing contractors to inspect your roof.