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Commercial Roofing in Louisville is what we do at Eclipse Roofing & Restoration.  We use only the highest quality materials and have thoroughly trained and skilled roofing technicians.

Whether you are looking for a flat roof for a small free standing commercial building or a specialty roof for a condominium development we can do it. We offer all types of specialty roofing systems to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and will work with you to have the roof that is both visually appealing and functional.

Specialty Commercial Roofing

At Eclipse Roofing and Restoration we can do any specialty roofing project imaginable from garden roofing to roof decks. If you can envision it, we can make it happen. Here are just some of the specialty roofs we can create. A commercial roof can be more than just a roof, it can double as a pleasant environment for plants, relaxation, and entertainment. This use of space is extremely popular in metropolitan areas.

Roof GardenGardenScapes™ – Hassle-Free Garden Roofing

Backed by North America’s largest, most trusted roofing manufacturer, the GardenScapes™ system is your best and safest choice for garden roofing.

  1. Hearty Regional Vegetation
  2. Start-Rite™ Growing Medium
  3. DuraGro™ 4-in-1 Drainage
  4. GAF’s Reliable Roof Waterproofing System

building-roofdeckPlazaDeck Systems – “Expand Your Living Space… And Increase The Resale Value Of Your Proerty!”

For a surprisingly modest investment, GAF PlazaDeck Waterproofing Systems can turn an ordinary roof into:

  • A sundeck or patio
  • A play or recreation area
  • Outdoor restaurant seating
  • An employee break area
  • Almost any kind of usable space: “It’s like adding a back yard… to your roof!”

Flat Roofs

Our philosophy is “low volume-high service” – we have built our company on a superior level of service that our competitors simply cannot match.

A consultative approach is used that identifies our client’s true needs and provides roofing solutions that are in our client’s best interests. You need a reliable and reputable contractor that knows how to complete flat roofing projects in an efficient and timely manner.

Does my flat roof need to be replaced or repaired?

The main reason for problems on flat roofs is failure to identify and fix minor defects in their life cycle. Main areas of concern on flat roofs are penetrations through the flat roof system. These penetrations consist of AC units, plumbing stacks, wall flashings, skylights, etc. That is why Eclipse Roofing & Restoration recommends you have your flat roof inspected yearly and try to identify an problem before it become a major expense.

commercial roofingIs ponding water a problem on a flat roof?

In most cases ponding water on a flat roof causes the roof too prematurely fail. There are many ways to fix these issues with tapper insulation systems. Tapper insulation allows the flat roof to drain properly and get water off the roof. Not only does the tapper system get water off the roof, but it adds additional R value for heating and cooling of the structure.

  • Repair or replace we can educate our client
  • Flat roof design
  • New construction
  • Reroof
  • EPDM systems
  • TPO systems
  • SA,APP,SBS modified sytems