Another roofing season has started and the door to door roofing salesman are back out to prey on the innocent. One of my most recent customers that called in asked for an inspection of a new roof that had just been installed by company X. The reason why he had to ask for an inspection is because he could see exposed nails and crooked shingles on the back of his home. We set up time for an inspection. It’s funny how these roofing companies will attack homes that have a particular shingles like the CertainTeed Horizon shingle. When I asked the home owner where he found the company he explained to me that company X had put flyers in his mail box. The flyer that he showed me said in bold letters “FREE ROOF”. He went on to tell me that he had received more than 30+ flyers and thought, what would it hurt.

Prior to my inspection I was supplied a copy of the insurance paper to see exactly what he was paid for. Let me just say, there where several issues with the installation! The insurance company paid for all flashings to be replaced, not one piece was replaced. When it comes to a reroof, the flashing is one of the most crucial components in roofing. The customer went on to tell me that company X said he would not have to pay his $1,000.00 deductible. The total dollar amount paid by the insurance company to replace the wall flashings and chimney flashings totaled $1,020.45. I told him this is why you didn’t pay the deductible, they didn’t replace your flashings! There are other components that go with installing a new roof system. Many shingle manufacturers have accessory starter shingles, ridge caps and underpayments that are required to meet industry standards. None of the listed items besides the ridge caps where used. When it comes to being an Eclipse Roofing and Restoration customer, we like to educate you on why you should use us. If it’s Tamko, GAF, Owens Corning or CertainTeed, we use all the accessory components to meet the requirements for the manufacturers warranty.