If you have ever noticed damage to the shingles on your roof, it may be asphalt shingle blister rash. Asphalt shingle blister rash is caused by trapped moisture vapor or solvent gas bubbles. This type of blister rash can often be mistaken for hail damage or other types of damage. Rash blisters on asphalt shingles result from the manufacturing process, with the most likely cause being the expansion in gas form of either moisture trapped in the shingle substrate at the time of manufacture or gases from volatile organics or resins used in the shingle construction.

Other somewhat more mixed or speculative theories blame asphalt shingle blister rash on attic ventilation or attic temperatures beneath installed roof. However, experts place the underlying cause on moisture content or volatile solvent gas content of the material upon which the shingle is built. No matter the cause of this type of “blister rash”, it is important that is does not go undetected, or you can having lasting damage to your roof over the years.

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