Selecting the right roofer for your home is especially important. The worst roofers in this industry are what are referred to by many as “chuck in a truck”. A “chuck in a truck” is basically a handy man who is not licensed or insured. Also known as someone who is unqualified, without any previous creditable jobs but pretending to be a building professional.

How to Avoid a “Chuck”

Want to know how to avoid a “chuck”? I will tell you a few things to watch for when picking the roofer for your project.

A “chuck” will not be able to provide you with any sort of list of references and he will have a too good to be true price. Which is exactly that, too good to be true! “Chuck” will also not be able to provide any legal proof of license for the work he is offering, along with no proof of any insurance in case something goes wrong. If in the event of a warranty issue, I’m sure he will have fallen from the face of earth and he will be impossible to contact. “Chuck’s” contract will be very vague, and probably is available to start your work the same day, with some pay from you upfront of course.

Do Your Research

To shield yourself from any fraudulent contractor aka a “chuck in a truck” you should always research the company. Check for reviews online and ask for references. Steer clear of a roofing company that finds you rather than you finding them, most professional roofers do not operate their business in that manner. When on the search for a contractor look for a business with a permanent address, and one who can provide you with a federal tax identification number. These businesses are usually the ones who are established, insured and licensed.

A “chuck in a truck” will appeal to a lot of homeowners due to their low prices and quick availability! Don’t fall victim to one of these scammers, this week he is a roofer because that’s the contractor that you are looking for. Meanwhile last week he installed pools and the week prior he did remodeling. Don’t be fooled, this “chuck in a truck” will cost you a lot of time and even more money in the long run.

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