The Fall season is upon us, and this provides a great time to do a little home maintenance. There are a few things that you should add to your fall to-do list to prepare your home for the winter season.

  • Check your Window Seals: With the temperature dropping and the air feeling chilly, your home can also feel the difference. Windows can crack and shrink due to these weather changes and can leave you suffering from drafts and leaks during the colder months. If you find a crack in your window seals, you can add weather stripping or replace your window all together, which can lower your energy costs throughout the season.
  • Inspect Gutters: One of the best parts about the Fall season is watching the leaves change colors and make the trees look beautiful. However, once they are done providing us with pretty views, the trees will shed their leaves, which can leave your gutters and downspouts filled with loose debris. It is important to clear your gutters after the leaves have fallen so that they can work properly during the colder months of rain, ice, and snow.
  • Repair Sidewalks: Along with the winter season comes snow and ice, which can take a toll on your sidewalks. Check for cracks or holes in your sidewalk before it is too cold, so that they can be easily shoveled when it snows.
  • Add a Chimney Cap: Winter is a common time for critters to try and crawl down chimney’s to look for warmth. If your chimney has been inspected and cleaned, consider putting in a chimney cap to prevent unwanted critters.
  • Check Lighting Outside of your Home: As the winter season gets closer, the days become shorter and it will begin to get darker earlier. To make sure that you are prepared for less lighting, consider adding lighting to your walkways or around the front of your home so that you have better visibility.
  • Schedule a Professional Roofing Inspection: Scheduling a professional to come out and inspect your roof is the best way to ensure that your roof is in good shape and ready for the winter season. A professional will be able to detect and fix any shingles that have damage and any flashing you have around your chimney, pipes, or skylights. This will prevent leaks of ice or snow during the winter.

Add these maintenance tips to your fall to-do list to get your home ready for the winter season. If you would like to schedule a professional inspection, give Eclipse a call today at (502)266-7510.