Here are a few signs that you might want to get your roof inspected. 

Signs It Maybe Time to Replace Roof

Bad ventilation, poor quality singles, and poor installation are just a few things that can all cause shingles to curl. Poor attic ventilation can allow hot, moist air to rise up the roof and curl the shingles. If the attic is well ventilated, such moisture can easily escape to the outside without affecting your shingles. High winds or strong storms can often cause your shingles to lift or even dislodge from the roof. When you see your shingles start to buckle or curl up, it’s usually a sign that they are no longer efficiently attached, meaning they have sustained damage to your roof system. More often than not, roofs can be repaired, but it all depends on what has caused the problem. This is where a trained roofing professional can do an extensive evaluation and inform you of the life expectancy left in the roof. 

Other signs can be fungi, mold, or moss, lichen growth on your roof. Lichen is caused by algae and fungus reproducing with each other to form lichen. Algae and fungus end up on your roof from wind debris, nearby trees that drop material on your roof, and other organic materials that end up on your roof. Long and short, this can cause your roof shingles to bend, warp, and even separate from each other over time. Heavy lichen growth can be an indication that your roof is in the later stages of its life cycle. 

Water damage is also a common sign that your roof should be examined to determine the current condition. If your roof is leaking, you’ll usually get water damage on your ceiling in or in the attic space or can have a heavy mold smell. The most common reason for leaks is due to age or poor installation. 

Have you ever seen a roof sort of sag, or look as if it’s almost caving in at certain points? Roof sagging is a definite sign that the boards under your roof could be rotten/bad. Roofing sagging should be taken very seriously and looked into as soon as possible before any further damage occurs to the roof or home itself.  

One of the more obvious signs that a roof replacement is necessary would be the age of your roof. If you know the age of your roof then you should also know around the 18-20 year mark your roof should definitely be evaluated to determine the condition. The longer you wait the more time unseen issues have to develop. If you aren’t sure of your roof’s age there are usually some signs the roof is aged that you can look out for. 

So in the event your shingles look like they are curling, shingles missing, heavy lichen growth, contact Eclipse Roofing and Restoration for your free no obligation inspection today. 

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