By now, you have taken notice of the falling leaves and the changing colors. You and your family might even have a ‘Fall Bucket List’. People often overlook a major to do list when fall rolls around. Your home’s fall bucket list, it might not be as much fun but it will save you a headache when old man winter shows up.

Here is a list of some crucial things to get in check.

  • Go for a climb up on your roof, and clean out all of the colorful leaves that have fallen into your gutters and will prevent the precipitation from freely flowing out of them.
  • While you are up on the roof give your shingles and look for damage, curled shingles or leaky vents.
  • Get out your calking gun and calk around your windows and doors, anything that has calk already or weather stripping.
  • Change your furnace filter, you want to make sure you get the nice warm breezes in the middle of winter
  • Take a good look at the faucets that are on the outside of your home, take note if you see any leaky ones. You want to get that taken care of before the freezing temperatures set in.

Knowing that you have taken the time to ensure that your house is ready for the coming harsh weather, will allow you to breathe deeply and enjoy the beautiful weather with your family.