roof careRoofing is one of those things that is probably best to leave up to the professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t care for what’s happening above you. So here are some roof care tips that we have for you!

Roof inspecting

Roof inspecting can be done with binoculars or anchoring a ladder very firmly in certain areas. First look for torn, missing or curled shingles. We do not suggest fixing these problems on your own, but getting the issue fixed faster can save you from more damage in the long run.

Tree limbs

“Watch out for that tree!” It’s best to make sure there are no tree limbs ever leaning on your roof. If you do have a tree that is located near your home, a regular tree trim is highly suggested.


Reducing build up

To go along with the above point, keep up to date with other build up such as debris. Debris can become cluttered in gutters so it’s important to reduce that as much as possible. Gutter guards can be added to help the process.

Maintain roof seal

When something is installed such as air conditioning, vents, or antennas, these things should be inspected regularly to ensure that the roof seal is still intact. If moss, mildew and algae grow from certain weather conditions, then those things can certainly seep through the split.

Water leakage

A roof is expected to last about 15 to 20 years. Weather and most importantly, water can affect that time frame considerably. Water leaks can cause severe damage if not caught early. Regular inspections are highly recommended.