The Titan XT is one of Tamko’s newest, high-end, top-selling shingles. This shingle is designed to help protect your home when extreme weather conditions strike. The Titan XT shingles offer many benefits for both contractors and homeowners! Tamko created Titan XT with some of the most advanced innovative technology that is used in this industry. 

Why Should You Use Tamko’s Titan XT?

The Titan XT shingle offers an anchorlock layer – which reinforces the shingle by adding a layer of protection. While doing this, it also provides an anchor for nails to be embedded into. This helps with securing the shingle to the decking, reducing the amount of any possible blow-offs. The rapid-fire zone feature is an expanded nailing zone, which makes for faster and easier installation. Tamkos power core design and ultramax weathering layer on this Titan XT shingle adds extra protection to your home. 

While Tamko is producing this high-quality shingle, a weathering layer of asphalt is added to the top coating of the shingle. This is where the most protection is necessary. They also add in a fiberglass mat core to help the shingle resist against any cracking or tearing. In addition to these upgrades, Tamko Titan XT offers advanced fusion sealants and anti-aging granules created to fuse quickly, be more sticky and help fold faster, even in the cooler weather! The embedded layer of ceramic fired granules provides both protection and beauty. Tamko went above and beyond with the creation of the Titan XT shingle with not only the homeowners in mind, but also the installers.

Customize Your Property

Not only will this shingle do a great job protecting your home or commercial property, it will look great while protecting it as well. Advanced color drops and proprietary granule blends create superior colors for this titan xt shingle. This shingle comes in six colors, Rustic Black, Black Walnut, Thunderstorm Grey, Aged Wood, Rustic Slate, and also Weathered Wood. 

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