Skylights come in many different sizes, styles, and designs. Often here at Eclipse Roofing and Restoration, we use Velux skylights to brighten and open up the home of our clients. Velux offers a variety of different skylights that fit our customers’ individual needs. Some of these options include: solar-powered and crank opening skylights, skylights with built-in blinds, room darkening/light filtering skylights, fixed skylights, and sun tunnels. There are many benefits to having a skylight in your house.

Why Should I Consider Installing a Velux Skylight?

Did you know installing a skylight on your house can increase the overall equity of your home as well? Skylights can do what feels like “adding space” to a room and give the room natural views and lighting. A benefit of having a crank or solar opening skylight installed in your home is the extra ventilation it can provide. They can help in saving energy costs because sunlight can help heat up spaces and the cross ventilation can help cool them down. 

There are a few disadvantages to skylights, but they mostly come from being improperly installed. If not installed properly you could get a leak around your skylight, you could lose heat from the skylights and/or receive too much heat from the skylight. That is why having the proper consultation and a professional company installed is very important. 

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At Eclipse Roofing and Restoration, we are certified and insured Velux skylight installers. We have had professional training and experience to get any of your skylights needs to be done efficiently. You can find us on their website or contact us directly. It is our passion to bring your dream home ideas to reality. When you are ready to completely transform your home with any type of skylight be sure to contact us at (502) 266-7510. Customer satisfaction is key here, we will not stop until you are happy! So what are you waiting for? Contact us for your free estimate today.