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Winterizing tips…while you still have nice weather!

Winterizing tips…while you still have nice weather!

This winter has been very different from the winters that we have been experiencing lately. This time last year our kids in the public school system had missed several days of school and we had experienced several pretty significant snow falls. At this point I know...

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How to avoid snow and ice damage.

Have you heard of an ice dam? An ice dam is a wall of ice that forms at the edge of the roof. This happens when the heat from within the house starts to melt the snow that is on the roof. Once the snow begins to melt, the water runs down and refreezes at the edge of...

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Home Remodelers vs Home Contractors

So you and your family have decided to pull the trigger on a home remodel. Now what? You have an internet full of options and a dusty copy of the yellow pages. Before you call anyone you need to make sure that you have done your homework. Here is a good question to...

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Preparing  your home for Fall.

Preparing your home for Fall.

By now, you have taken notice of the falling leaves and the changing colors. You and your family might even have a 'Fall Bucket List'. People often overlook a major to do list when fall rolls around. Your home's fall bucket list, it might not be as much fun but it...

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